Ascending Order and Descending Order


As we sit down and make our children revise concepts taught at school, there are little bits of Islamic knowledge we can impart on them.  Life is so fast-paced these days, there is hardly time enough to get all our work done including one on ones with the kids, so study time can serve the purpose I mentioned above.

When we teach children about writing numbers in the order of smallest to biggest, we can demonstrate this by drawing a staircase and the smallest number can be written on the lowest step and then the bigger on the step above and so on. You could go a step ahead and actually make your child count the numbers while climbing a stair case.

But we can also incorporate a small hadith when doing this:

5So in effect, you could teach your child that whenever going up in the elevator or climbing a ladder or stairs they can say ” Allah-u-Akbar” and when coming down they can say “Subhan Allah.”

Pretty simple don’t you think?


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