Basic Facts of Pakistan

The concept is simple enough: Our country’s name is Pakistan, it has 4 provinces, it’s capital city is Islamabad. When teaching small kids the very basics of our country, its obviously done with that help of a visual aid like a map in the text book or one you have googled on the computer. And when the child has grasped these fundamentals you can go one step ahead by telling them that there are other countries out there and that each has it’s own cities and one capital city. But you could impart a little tid bit about our Holy Prophet on the side as well by telling your child how he was from Saudi Arabia and that he was born in Makkah. Now these concepts are already taught in Islamic Studies, but integrating knowledge with other subjects helps in retaining the information. Further you could show pictures of Makkah and Madinah and brief them about the holy mosques in these cities. It’s important not to overload the child with information. Your positive attitude will help your child to keep interest in the topic at hand. Hope this was helpful.


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