Kindness to Animals

imagesSometimes I see children chasing cats, stomping on ants or throwing things at smaller animals like birds. I understand that children will be children and they tend to be curious and test their surroundings (of which animals are a part) in various different ways. It is the saddest spectacle when I see parents standing right there while their young children engage in being unkind to harmless animals.

Instead of turning a blind eye, it our duty as good parents to remind children that just like us animals get hurt, that they have life and breath and perform all functions of life just like we do and that if we are kind to them, Allah will be kind to us. Show them how an ant scurries about for food and how it drags back a crumb much heavier than itself back for its community, much like a father brings home food for his family. Point out how a litter of kittens plays among itself just like siblings do.

Allah is kind to those who are kind to animals. You can share this with them:


If you succeed in raising awareness of this basic of act of kindness in children, it would lead to development of empathy for human beings as well. Small little advises on your part, huge difference to the humanity of your child.


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