Multiplication Facts

CaptureMaking kids learn the tables is one thing, and explaining the concept is another. I used to get pretty confused as a child between addition and multiplication. These days, with the help of multimedia and extended materials, teachers have become quite proficient in explaining the concept effectively. Using straws or pencils is a common way to do this. For example, put a 3 or 4 pencils at an interval from each other, this would donate 3×1 are 3. Then put one more pencil alongside each one you placed earlier, it would then donate 3×2 are 6. Children will immediately notice that in multiplication the answers come up greater than addition.

So how do we incorporate a little deen into this concept while we teach it. We could tell the children about hasanah and how when we think of doing one good deed it is counted as one but when we do it Allah gives us 10 hasanah or more. He multiplies it for our benefit.


Simple little facts, but what a motivator to do good. Subhan Allah.



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