Simple Nouns

imagesChildren are learning about nouns right from the time when they begin to talk. In fact, initially when a child is developing talking skills, his single words will almost all be nouns. When this concept is introduced in school, most children grasp it without any trouble at all. Worksheets given incorporate pictures and you can find dozens on apps and games for further practice. But hands on parenting techniques, one of which includes reinforcing concepts at home through play and fun, can go a long way in not only securing the topic but also bonding.

As most children young KG going kids will point out the noun quite easily, you could go a step ahead with categorization. Cut up strips of chart paper and write the theme on the top; you could do rooms, appliances, professions etc. Then go on a ‘noun hunt’ and ask kids to point out relevant objects. Rooms are easier to do. So start with any room, let’s say the kitchen and ask the child to write down (he may need help with spellings) any 5 or 6 objects he sees there. Explain that nouns are objects, they can be touched and felt. Talk about each object briefly. You can then cut out the strips and ask you child to draw and color the object at the back and voila: instant child made flash cards.

Another nice activity is to bring up words that strongly pertain to Islam like the following image. Discuss the bounties of Allah and the significance of other words. Make more flash cards. The kids will love it.



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