Winter Vacation Activities for Young Children

imagesWinter is upon us, with the chilly mornings and fussy moms bundling up their young ones. Schools are off and we are thinking how do we keep the little ones busy, what can we do to make them occupy their time in a fun and educational way? Here are some ideas that you can use that are both fun, economical and easy to do:

1. Baking Activities: This is this is the ideal time to bake cakes, biscuits and cupcakes. There’s nothing like the heat from the oven and the hot confectionery to warm up the bond between mom and child.

2.Pick up a Board Game: The simple art of playing board games is a dying one. You’d be surprised how simple enough board games like ludo, snakes and ladders and even scrabble for slightly older kids can be enjoyable family time.

3.Pick up a book: With kids at home, they may more listless near bed times since they have pent up energy. Reading is soothing and all types of beneficial for the children. Alternatively, make fun book marks with crayons, stickers and glitter and ribbons for further motivation.

4. A Visit to the Library: Now would be a good time to show kids that there is a thing such as a library, and it is not just a myth…. or a museum.

5. Sorting out the Drawers: Ask the kids to sort out their underwear drawers, socks, toys or any other thing that you’ve been putting off. Using fun words like ‘project’ and ‘mom’s helper’ can really get those tiny hands working.

6. Arrange a treasure hunt: While you’re busy with chores, tell the kids you’ve hidden a treat or goody bag somewhere and that if they find it’s there. One rule: don’t mess up the place.

7. Indoor Hopscotch: Remember the fun we had when we played this hopping game? Just take some tape and stick it on the floor in the square shapes and map out the numbers with it, guaranteed hours of jumping and hopping fun.

8. Take up a Hobby: Kids seldom stick too any one thing for long, but they might just pick up on a hobby to last the vacation. Many kids like to collect things be it coins or stickers, some kids take up cross stitching or origami. Get creative and give some options for your kids to think about.

9. Unleash the Artist: In a big tray, provide your child with art supplies like brushes, paints, paper, glue, safe to use scissors etc. Don’t forget to put a rag so that they can clean up spills. Spread out old newspapers and tell them to create their masterpieces.

10. Break out those Activity Workbooks you’ve been Hoarding: We moms just love buying colouring/ activity/ puzzle books. Really get the kids into it. All you have to do is provide incentive and encouraging words.


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