The Use of Proper Punctuation

punctuation-marksThe proper use of punctuation is not heeded enough in our children’s writing these days, at least that is what I have observed. What’s more, grown ups don’t even realize the need to remedy the situation. Not only does it leave a bad impression, but it also prevents the child from improving upon a very important skill that will one day be very valuable in their day to day lives. I’ve seen my own kids writing away sentences, but failing to put in the full stop. Each time I have to remind them, but kids will be kids and they do repeat the issue. The good news is that if you are resilient and take a few moments out to point out where the full stop or comma has been left out, it will become a habit not to engage in these mistakes as they reach higher middle school grades, much sooner if you are lucky.

The use of proper punctuation in writing is a lot like frosting on a cake. It gives beauty and more depth and clarity. We’ve all seen the meanings of sentences altered (sometimes hilariously so) but the improper use of punctuation. Consider the following example:Punctuation-saves-lives

Like most things, practice makes perfect, so when guiding your child during homework, just ensure the use of proper punctuation. Your input and encouragement will make a ton of difference by the time they’ll need to write essays for college applications. Punctuation matters!

Here is a fun site for kids to hone in on those grammar skills:

Consider that even when reading the Noble Quran, there are rules when to stop. Some places require a complete stop. This is something you can also incorporate when stressing importance of punctuation.


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