Good Handwriting; Still A Necessary Skill for the Kids?

downloadAbsolutely. I appreciate that tech is quietly, stealthily making the need for good handwriting obsolete but in my humble opinion, it still does not merit our attitudes in discarding this skill altogether. I have seen rapidly deteriorating handwriting in children over the years. Whereas unleashing creativity and developing critical thinking is an essential, making children aware of the positives of developing good handwriting can not be overlooked. I have seen that more often than not, children with neat and tidy handwriting are more meticulous in their work. They tend to outshine their peers, especially at the primary level.

The key is to keep reminding the kids to write as carefully as possible. Showing them again and again, giving them the occasional practice, it really does all pay off, call me old fashioned, but neat and tidy beautifully presented work gives a very good first impression.

Here are some cool apps to help your child work on this skill and make it fun also:

Also see:

There are countless free printable worksheets, colouring with pencils, painting all improve coordination skills. If it becomes a habit for kids to write neatly, it can become a plus point that can aid the child throughout his life because it leads to better presentation skills which go hand in hand with creativity as well.


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