How to Improve your Child’s Memory

dontforget-head-145318_188x188I usually don’t give my memory nearly enough credit, I would rather jot down a job to be done here or there, be it on google note,  a random piece of paper or good old sticky notes…. you remember those, come in all sorts of colours, are tremendously cute. The truth is our brains are capable of grasping and retaining facts and figures to a far greater extent than our own confidence in this skill. And we can help our children develop it as well without spending a penny.

1. Constant revision: The age old trick of repetition is crucial in embedding a fact. It’s the first step. The more you repeat a certain statement, the more the child will keep it long term. It’s how kids learn to talk. It takes at least 300 repetitions of a certain word to make it a part of the child’s vocabulary. So repeat whenever you can, just don’t overdo it.

2. Make a game of it: As a teacher, I find that making a game of the subject matter is received with greater fervor and is also more well received than your usual lecture style teaching. So be inventive and creative with your child when they need to memorize something.

3. Teach them to pay attention: The more attentive the child is, the better his listening skills will be, the better will be retaining power. So minimize external stimuli, practice being calm yourself and let the magic flow.

4. Teach kids how to visualize: This trick really works. Ask the child to imagine the scenario in his mind, maybe decorate it with balloons and buntings.

5. Build bridges: Sometimes making links with previously existing information in your child’s brain can really help children recall otherwise random stuff. A child effectively builds layer upon layer of related information, forging innumerable links for this very purpose. You can help him do that too.

6. Healthy lifestyle: Adequate exercise, proper diet and good old fashioned sleep are all essential to the process.

We just need to take a little incentive to work on our kids, and they’ll reach their true potentials.


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