Place Value

original-740214-1Let’s get thing one straight right off the bat, if your child truly grasps the concept of place value (according to age), it’s pretty much easy sailing as far as other math concepts like addition, subtraction, greater than, lesser than go- and mental math becomes a cinch. There are so many fun filled activities that you can do at home to reinforce the concept. You can and probably should in fact, take a couple of steps ahead from where your child is at school. Here are a few interesting things that can be done to get the juices flowing in their brains regarding this concept.

1. The concept: The first thing to do is take a bunch of straws, pencils, cards, anything you have an abundance of. Take 3 A4 sized papers and write ‘ones’ or ‘units’ (which ever one your child’s school is using), ‘tens’ and ‘hundreds’ on the top. On the ‘ones’ page keep putting one straw at a time till you get 10. Your child will already know that 10 has 2 digits so it can not belong on this paper, so place it on the ‘tens’ paper. Gather up the ten straws, tie them up and make a bunch of ten. Then start from ‘ones’ again. Meanwhile keep counting in tens as you get up to 90. Keep repeating till you hit 100. Gather up the 10 bunches of 10 straws and tie them up.  Place this on the hundreds paper.

place value pocket

You can also play this game.


Or this one.

2. Power Point Presentation: This is such a fun little PPT that incorporates a little story to introduce the thousands family. Enjoy with this one:


3. Online Game: Kids can really get a kick out of this interactive game:

4. Some more fun:

NumberSenseWorksheetFreebie   PlaceValueChart

5. Alignment: Place value, if understood well, will no doubt lay the foundation of all mathematical concepts that will keep coming up. Keep reminding your child about the importance of alignment of numbers, especially if there is sum involved. Half the work is done when the work is done precisely. So the written portion is just as important as the conceptual part.

Place value teaches logic, sequential skills and number sense, all important aspects of building the power of thinking independently. This has great bearing in Islam that teaches us to look at the signs of Allah, the precise way in which nature works, whether it be a bee and its hive or the working of the human body, or the revolution of the astral bodies in space. Math is all around us, we see objects and colours and movement. Behind it all are numbers and mathematical formulas. Help your child to understand and love math, it will do wonders.


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