Tips for Building Longer and More Interesting Sentences

CapturesenThere is a concept in English writing called ‘Stretching Sentences’. Once kids master the concept, their writing becomes more clear, vivid and interesting. Developing writing skills early on leads to better grades, the ability to communicate more effectively and leads to a better understanding of other subject matter. It’s not at all difficult to do.

In this post, I will give you parents tips on how to enable your children (around the ages of 6-10) to better themselves with this important skill.

You start of with a simple sentence. Most children already know what adjectives are. So go ahead and ask your child to put in a describing word before the noun. Adding an adverb (ly word) also gives a good ring to the sentence

Now you simply ask the child to ask questions: ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘why’ wherever they may be applicable. Sometimes not all the ‘wh’ questions will fit into your sentence. Consider this example:


Here is a PPT for an interactive learning experience for your child:


As more practice is done, your child will undoubtedly get better and better. Ultimately this will lead to better paragraphs, which in turn will lead to better essays and stories.

The power of the written word can not be underestimated. As muslims we believe the Quran to be the most beautifully composed book. Our thoughts and good intentions can be conveyed through this medium. Writing effectively is one outstanding trait of literate and refined folk. So all the parents out there can play a big part in developing this very concept easily at home as well.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Building Longer and More Interesting Sentences

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