Getting Around Area and Perimeter (for kids)

imagesLaying a solid foundation for geometry early on will no doubt help your child in middle school and beyond. As usual play and activities brings the abstract into concrete. Teachers strive to balance both aspects. This gives you, the parent, plenty of leeway to play games and have fun with any concept taught at school. Making subjects fun is the key to motivate any child and motivation in turn, gets your child more involved voluntarily. I remember my phobia of Math. I was never really much good. The memories of red marks and disappointing test results remind me that it is not okay for any child to feel the way I did, not capable and plain stupid. Kids feel a lot, pick up a lot and don’t say much about it. Hence my commitment to making learning fun and progressive. So about this particular topic, it’s fun…did I already say that? Well I’ll say it again, it’s fun.

Activity #1: I’m pretty sure your child will already have some idea if this concept was done at school. Otherwise demonstrating that area is the space inside an enclosure and perimeter is how long the boundaries are pretty straightforward. You can make various shapes and make art work with squared paper. Make your own if you don’t have any and decorate the fridge or a corner in your child’s bedroom. You can talk about fractions if the square has to be cut in half. It’s a great time to use a ruler to measure each square and clarify the concept of a centimeter. One square will be a square centimeter.

download (1)

Get messy: Take a roll of tissue paper and create different shapes around the living room. Take  yarn and measure the different rooms of your house.

Activity #2: Get interactive- there are plenty of fun games catering to all levels of all subjects. Your child will have more fun if you sit with him for this. Your ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ will push him to really play up to the challenge.

Here is one:

Activity #3: Paper work.


Did you know?


Hope this was useful. Drop me a comment for any suggestions.


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