Stationery Haul- Is It a Thing?

stationery haulLet me explain, I have a makeup blog. I write reviews with swatches, give tips- that kind of thing. You can see it here: .

So I got to thinking, why not do a stationery haul? I mean I can’t be the only teacher out there that gets excited in a stationery shop? Am I? Even parents (if they are anything like me) enjoy it.

It so happened, my list had been growing longer and longer day by day. I wondered how long it could possibly grow. I needed to get this done and stop putting it off. Yesterday, my sister came to visit. She mentioned she was going to a store on her way home which was actually not far from my place. ‘This could be it,’ I thought. I asked her if the said shop had stationery, and I literally squealed with delight as she replied in the affirmative. So off I went on my adventure. At home as I was reveling in my joy over my colourful stash a crazy idea of sharing it (the haul, not the things) hit me. Initially I brushed it off, but my sister-in-law (who runs the makeup blog with me) said I should go ahead and do it. I for one, would certainly love to see what other teachers’ stationery buying expeditions are like.

Before I start, I need to say that you can automatically add, ‘because you can never have enough of these,’ after every sentence. It’s a no brainer.

So here’s the loot:


The kids come first, hence the stars and the little motivational stamps– one says ‘good work’ and the other, ‘keep it up’. I must admit it is bad timing since it’s almost the end of the year and summer hols are right around the corner.

There’s the little UHU tube, we all know what a life saver that can be, permanent markers and the thinner markers (for making material for next year over the vacation), and a nib pencil with nibs (0.5 mm) and regular pencils (it’s like magic how these seem to vanish willy-nilly every which way). Those little sticky notes are so useful for a bunch of things. I recently had to teach kids about the use of speech marks, and I actually told the kids to put these little sticky notes up at the right places on the board instead of using board markers. They found it a lot of fun to do. I also stick them around every where to remind me of tasks, and I mean everywhere. I even once put one on my tea cup, I don’t recall why- see what I mean?

A little indulgence- a beautiful feathery notebook with a separator. And aren’t those little angry bird erasers to die for? They wear out pretty quickly though.

Yup, that sums it up.


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