Verbs can be Fun? No…..!

verbsWhy in the world not? The problem is that teaching parts of speech at school has become so mundane, as have other subject matters, unless you have the good luck of landing a pro-active teacher who goes out of the way to actually engross the attention and yearning of the kids through imagination and activities. But that is sadly not something that happens very often.

I had the pleasure of teaching this very topic to a bunch of kids I’m tutoring in creative writing. The challenge was to keep them from giving out bored sighs as I wrote ‘Verbs’ on the board. What followed was surprisingly fun to watch. I felt the need to share with parents out there who can just as easily do this activity at home as well, with kids from first grade all the way upt o 5th or even 6th.

images1. Of course you need to define what it is, but it is highly likely the children already know. Just recap and then enjoy acting out the ‘nice’ verbs like jumping, chasing, hiding, tossing, laughing, crawling, skipping. While you’re at it tell them this is all the present. Then take a break for two minutes and tell them all they did is now in the past so those words have now become jumped, chased etc. After that ask to do them one more time, that you will do these actions again shortly in the future. So now you will say we shall jump, we shall chase etc.

 2. It would be interesting to note that many children don’t know that ‘past, present and future’ can be associated with general things around them. This fun PowerPoint Presentation will have you discussing interesting things for hours, great bonding time.


3. Kids love colouring. They’ll have plenty of fun with this worksheet…


4. Get interactive. Kids absolutely adore these online games:

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is approaching. How about a session where you make a list of all Ramadhan associated verbs with your child.

I hope this has been interesting. Making learning fun and making it come alive is half the battle won.

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