Subtraction with Borrowing- The Struggle Ends Now

CaptureSome memories just stick like glue. I was sitting with a bunch of other girls on my group table. It was the second grade. The teacher had given us a piece of paper with some subtraction sums. As the girls around me fumbled and struggled with their fingers, I just subtracted the digits regardless of whether the lower ones were larger than the ones on top or not. I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself, having finished first in class. Which just made the blow even harder when the teacher’s red handiwork was presented to me on said piece of paper.

After that, I always struggled with borrowing. It was not until a couple of years later till I got somewhat proficient at it. Feeling deeply on this subject, I have made a presentation to help parents who are trying to get their kids to truly understand this concept, logically and thoroughly; especially since it is that time of the year!

Children love stories, what better way than to explain the process of borrowing through story telling?

By clicking the link above you will get:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation depicting the story of numbers who are ‘neighbours’.
  2. A video that shows the logic behind regrouping.
  3. Another child friendly video animation to further clarify the concept.
  4. A great place to get free printables on subtraction sums.

Hope you, and more importantly your kids enjoy.


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