I Am A Teacher

4ab766c21921df310245ad5ddeaf625fTo you, the parent, I am just a person who teaches your child the stuff in the books. But I am much much more than that. You, the parents need to know, that I call your child, my child. I love him/her, I care for him/her.

I do not understand why you so often treat me like some sub standard bystander with just a passing interest. I can not fathom, that while I tirelessly make carefully laid out lessons plans in the dead of the night and the corresponding teaching materials, be it PowerPoint Presentations, charts, flash cards, and the tonnes of other things, while I invest in so much of that on my own dime, while I painstakingly go beyond my physical comfort hardly getting a moment to grab a glass of water, I still get blamed if the child fails to get an A Grade.

Here is something else you need to know…

I see your child’s potential. I see your child’s mood swings, and I know when the child is having an off day. I also know when something is not right (perhaps a problem at home). When I suspect something is ‘off’, it is rare indeed that my investigative skills should fail me in getting to the root cause. I know when your child needs support (not the bookish kind). I know when your child needs a kind word of appreciation, or proud pat on the back or even a much needed hug.

I often know exactly why the child has not done his/her homework. I can feel those young eyes watching my every move, and so I keep a steady gait and make sure the child can look up to me and approach me. And yet I keep a firm hand, can’t have them slacking, giving up or losing perspective. Can’t have them getting demotivated and losing the love of coming to school in the first place.

I am a teacher, I love your child like my own, but why then, do you harbor doubt and betray my trust? I am on your team, on your child’s team, on our child’s team.

Talk to me, but don’t condescend. Come to me when you need, and please don’t take it lightly when I need to talk to you.

Most of all, your child needs your support too and needs you to respect me if I can do any good at all in his/her life.

So as I design challenging and creative lessons and mull over effective assessments, and think about how to build the child and unleash all that untapped potential, as I prepare reports and check their work and wipe away the tears and reassure their fluttering hearts, I ask you to take a moment before you bark at your child’s teacher, because you see, most of us- we simply love your child.





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