Making the most of Ramadhan with your Kids

RamadhanWe’re a week into Ramadhan and it’s time to reflect on how much we’ve tried to amend our ways, where our spirituality lies… but wait… what about the kids?

Often times, caught up in our routines and extra worship we tend to under rate the opportunity that the holy of month of Ramadhan can present in terms of adjusting not only our own moral compass, but indeed tuning the inner morality of the little ones.

This article will give you ideas on how to incorporate little adjustments and tips on how to do just that.

1. Story Telling: Switch out “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood” with stories from the Quran and Sunnah. Enlighten your kids with the characters of the companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Don’t stop there, have reflective conversations later. Here is a great PDF for you to download filled with reflective questions that I made…just click on the picture to download the printable version.

Ref Ques

2. Analogy of the Scales: Children are imaginative creatures, have an infinite capacity to envision. How they are able to turn the most humble of surroundings into hospitals, classroom and garages is amazing. It makes sense to tell the children about the scales of good and bad deeds. The more good they do, the heavier the good side of the balance becomes. Taking this into account so many things can be done:

  • a walk around the home/neighbourhood looking for ‘good’ things to do (picking up something from the road, helping the neighbour, watering a plant, etc)
  • helping at least one unfortunate person
  • watching the words coming out of the mouth and then replacing any expected bad ones with kinder ones
  • learning one short dua everyday (or at least introducing it)

You get the point.

3. Reduce Screen Time: This one is tough, but declaring a screen free time period is a good way to develop self-control. Replace this time with a period of prayers and supplications. Even half an hour will go a long way.

4. A Brief Ten Minute Lecture: Yes, lectures are boring, but still sitting for a mere 10 minutes and reading a passage from an authentic book about everyday mundane matters about mannerisms etc, followed by a joint supplication will bring the home blessings and impart knowledge and light in everyone involved.

5. Dedicated Holy Quran Reading Time: Children don’t have a very long attention span, but even then, they can be taught to incorporate a short part of their day into reading of the Holy Quran. Even 2  pages after say, Asr prayers is a good idea.

6. Teaching by Example: At the end, children will pick up most matters of their behaviour and personality from their parents. If you have patience, so will the child; if you abstain from foul language, so will your child; if you are dedicated and passionate, your child is bound to pick up on these cues.

7. Looking Forward to Eid: No, not only because the kids (and adults of course) get to wear new clothes and also finally fill in those empty wallets, but because Eid is a supreme gift that Allah (SWT) has given us since we have worked so hard all month long. Instilling this essence is being lost. It’s being lost in us adults. It is a day to give profound thanks and to be happy. The rest comes later (clothes and ‘eidi’).

As we all strive in this holy month to better ourselves, what better way than to simultaneously hand down the torch?

I wish all my readers a blessed and wonderful Ramadhan filled with happiness and never-ending bounties.


2 thoughts on “Making the most of Ramadhan with your Kids

  1. Parisa Khan

    Good share Rahima. It is our duty to teach our children about Islam and the value of Ramadan. We think that in Ramadan we get shortage of time. Well we can make use of our time effectively and inculcate good habits in our kids. This Ramadan I bought my kids RAMADAN JOURNAL and MY FIRST BOOK OF DUAS. We look forward each day to fill it up with good deeds and a learn a short dua, along with emphasis on saying our namaz.

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