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Making the most of Ramadhan with your Kids

RamadhanWe’re a week into Ramadhan and it’s time to reflect on how much we’ve tried to amend our ways, where our spirituality lies… but wait… what about the kids?

Often times, caught up in our routines and extra worship we tend to under rate the opportunity that the holy of month of Ramadhan can present in terms of adjusting not only our own moral compass, but indeed tuning the inner morality of the little ones.

This article will give you ideas on how to incorporate little adjustments and tips on how to do just that.

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Math Skills Development- You Can Do This

mathOne thing I’ve noticed as a teacher: there are broadly two types of math students. One- those that simply love it, and two- the ones who shun it. Not surprisingly, the ones who love it, mostly excel at it and of course that ones who don’t take kindly to this subject are not too very good at it.

As a parent you will have already gathered that the math teacher and her attitude, strategies and motivational methods play┬áthe foremost role in your child’s math tackling abilities. However there are things you can do to improve the overall competency of your child in this area.

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How to Raise Interest in your Child towards becoming a Better Writer

iStock_000017945529Medium_610_300_s_c1_center_centerMost kids, I’m sure you would agree, will search high and low to escape writing a paragraph or essay or story. It’s quite a chore, a loathed and detested piece of written work any kid would not wish upon his oppressor/bully at school. I used get boos and awws as well. So I asked myself, I can either instill the love or at least the willingness in my students to attempt to write. For that I needed to know what it was that instigated such negativity within them. I’m no psychologist, but if careful observation and gut feelings count, I came to the following conclusions:

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Verbs can be Fun? No…..!

verbsWhy in the world not? The problem is that teaching parts of speech at school has become so mundane, as have other subject matters, unless you have the good luck of landing a pro-active teacher who goes out of the way to actually engross the attention and yearning of the kids through imagination and activities. But that is sadly not something that happens very often.

I had the pleasure of teaching this very topic to a bunch of kids I’m tutoring in creative writing. The challenge was to keep them from giving out bored sighs as I wrote ‘Verbs’ on the board. What followed was surprisingly fun to watch. I felt the need to share with parents out there who can just as easily do this activity at home as well, with kids from first grade all the way upt o 5th or even 6th.

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Sentences: Make them more Vivid by using good Connectives (Conjunctions)

chain link(9)In a previous post I explained how to help your kids to make sentences more longer and more interesting. You can check that out here. This time, you can guide your child to make more conceptually sound and opinionated sentences. Using words to contrast or compare can make for great opening sentences for paragraphs. They can also make ideas more clearer. They can be used for effectiveness in creative writing exercises. The basic concept is that it binds together two phrases in a way that either compares or contrasts. Connectives are also commonly know and conjunctions. So what are these words and how can your kids make proper use out of them? Read on.

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Fun with Circuits

closed-open-circuit-diagram_imgChildren are often taught about circuits at school right from grade one. Even before that, there are the parents who keep repeating (at least a few times everyday) not to poke objects into the sockets. I know that kids find it to be a thrill when they actually get to experience the inner workings and reasoning behind such things, and learning about circuits is no exception. By encouraging hands on education, we are laying a solid 3D foundation of independent analytic skills and a sound base for engineering and physics.

Here are a few fun ways to reinforce the concept of circuits at home with your child:

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Exam Time? Tips on how to Support your Child and Enable him to do Well

exam-calendarExam time- more like nightmare time. The pressure is nerve racking, the date sheet stares at you with a menacing glare from atop the fridge and there lies the school bag, sitting in the corner seemingly quite innocent with the tonnes of text books, note books, files, worksheets, projects and other things that surprise you (not in the warm and pleasurable way). The scene: You call your child to explore the given syllabus, flipping back and forth trying to make sense of where which topic is. You ask your child you give you a hand, and he looks back at you with big and helpless eyes.

Alas, it’s what we parents go through time in and time out, regular as clockwork, with the tension heightening near the finals. However, you can make life a little easier for yourself with some simple tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years:

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