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The Dread of the Final Exams

Exam DreadIt’s that part of the year again, the final exams fast approach, the scariest scrap of paper, you know the one- with boxes and dates and page numbers and chapter names, is handed over to you. For a second you don’t want it. Your heart rate increases, your mood takes a nose dive and a sinking feeling in your gut suspends you in time. As your body recovers, in the next couple of minutes you hold it scanning for the gaps in the dates and especially focus on the date of the first exam and with more fervor, the date of the last one. It’s seems like a life time away.

In the next few moments you know what you have to do. This is serious business and not a moment can be lost. You go into super-mom mode, a checklist has neatly been imprinted in your mind- you are now the ‘man with a plan’.

Get kids to show books for work completion….. check (or not, give a couple of slaps, condemn the kid)

Is it corrected…… check (or not, well better make an appointment and take the teacher to task)

Hassle the tuition teacher to get her priorities right…. check

Unleash hell on the whole household- EXAMS ARE UPON THE KIDS…. check

Does this sound familiar? Yes… I thought so too. Let’s focus for just one minute and assess the situation. Let’s analyse exactly how our response is going to yield any positive results shall we?  And then let’s talk about what we can do to help our already stressed and burnt out kids with their exams in a way that is productive and not stressful.

After the discussion there is handout that you can download and keep for easy reference if you feel this post has helped you in anyway.

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Exam Time? Tips on how to Support your Child and Enable him to do Well

exam-calendarExam time- more like nightmare time. The pressure is nerve racking, the date sheet stares at you with a menacing glare from atop the fridge and there lies the school bag, sitting in the corner seemingly quite innocent with the tonnes of text books, note books, files, worksheets, projects and other things that surprise you (not in the warm and pleasurable way). The scene: You call your child to explore the given syllabus, flipping back and forth trying to make sense of where which topic is. You ask your child you give you a hand, and he looks back at you with big and helpless eyes.

Alas, it’s what we parents go through time in and time out, regular as clockwork, with the tension heightening near the finals. However, you can make life a little easier for yourself with some simple tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years:

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