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Making the most of Ramadhan with your Kids

RamadhanWe’re a week into Ramadhan and it’s time to reflect on how much we’ve tried to amend our ways, where our spirituality lies… but wait… what about the kids?

Often times, caught up in our routines and extra worship we tend to under rate the opportunity that the holy of month of Ramadhan can present in terms of adjusting not only our own moral compass, but indeed tuning the inner morality of the little ones.

This article will give you ideas on how to incorporate little adjustments and tips on how to do just that.

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Identifying and Tackling Stress Triggers in Young Children

We see kids running around the house, knocking over glasses, creating a wake of chaos wherever they go. Sometimes we just wish school hours would be longer so that we didn’t have to deal with all the ‘stuff’ that comes with having a child in the vicinity. They look so happy all the time, only just breaking up in tears if the elder sibling has pulled the younger one’s pony tail. Be that as it may be, children are no different than us adults and are prone to being deeply affected by stress.

Consider a little baby, it will cry when hungry or if it has a soiled nappy or if it is having pain or is uncomfortable. These are the basic stress triggers that are external in nature, and easily identifiable.

As a child gets older, the stress factors become more complex, often very difficult to identify. Children may not be very forth coming due to the fact they have not yet mastered the art of effective communication (but then not many adults have either). So the first thing to do is identify that your child is stressed. Here’s how:

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Raising Decent Human Beings

images (3)We go through our daily tasks, kids centered around our activities, their meal times, their play time, nap time and hoards of other ‘times’.  But don’t we often think, what is this world coming to? Where has humanity run off too? Where is compassion and where is empathy? We read the news, when does it ever lift your spirits? There is literally only misery.

We send our children to the best schools we can, provide them with as much comfort as we can. But what are we truly imparting as our legacy onto them? Are we doing something wrong? Is this the way we want them to perceive the world? Are we to equip them and mould them into adults who in fact contribute towards this lawless indifferent society?

I am no idealist, nor am I naive. The world is what it is, yet I feel if we can all work together and teach our children the true values of decency, of morality, of the value of truth and respect of rights of members of not only our own family, but also of the society and the world at large,then we can change the sad tide of affairs, one small deed at a time. There is always hope.

As a parent, teacher, mentor I have often asked myself how I can fulfill this rather tall ambition of mine, when everyone around me is looking out for themselves in the most selfish of manner, when even other kids resort to bullying, lying, cheating and parents are often okay with it dismissing them as follies of youth? If you are like minded then read on, otherwise you can just dismiss this article as the ramblings of a lone woman with her heart in the right place, but who’s just a day dreamer.

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