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The Dread of the Final Exams

Exam DreadIt’s that part of the year again, the final exams fast approach, the scariest scrap of paper, you know the one- with boxes and dates and page numbers and chapter names, is handed over to you. For a second you don’t want it. Your heart rate increases, your mood takes a nose dive and a sinking feeling in your gut suspends you in time. As your body recovers, in the next couple of minutes you hold it scanning for the gaps in the dates and especially focus on the date of the first exam and with more fervor, the date of the last one. It’s seems like a life time away.

In the next few moments you know what you have to do. This is serious business and not a moment can be lost. You go into super-mom mode, a checklist has neatly been imprinted in your mind- you are now the ‘man with a plan’.

Get kids to show books for work completion….. check (or not, give a couple of slaps, condemn the kid)

Is it corrected…… check (or not, well better make an appointment and take the teacher to task)

Hassle the tuition teacher to get her priorities right…. check

Unleash hell on the whole household- EXAMS ARE UPON THE KIDS…. check

Does this sound familiar? Yes… I thought so too. Let’s focus for just one minute and assess the situation. Let’s analyse exactly how our response is going to yield any positive results shall we?  And then let’s talk about what we can do to help our already stressed and burnt out kids with their exams in a way that is productive and not stressful.

After the discussion there is handout that you can download and keep for easy reference if you feel this post has helped you in anyway.

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Stationery Haul- Is It a Thing?

stationery haulLet me explain, I have a makeup blog. I write reviews with swatches, give tips- that kind of thing. You can see it here:  www.yetmoremakeup.blogspot.com .

So I got to thinking, why not do a stationery haul? I mean I can’t be the only teacher out there that gets excited in a stationery shop? Am I? Even parents (if they are anything like me) enjoy it.

It so happened, my list had been growing longer and longer day by day. I wondered how long it could possibly grow. I needed to get this done and stop putting it off. Yesterday, my sister came to visit. She mentioned she was going to a store on her way home which was actually not far from my place. ‘This could be it,’ I thought. I asked her if the said shop had stationery, and I literally squealed with delight as she replied in the affirmative. So off I went on my adventure. At home as I was reveling in my joy over my colourful stash a crazy idea of sharing it (the haul, not the things) hit me. Initially I brushed it off, but my sister-in-law (who runs the makeup blog with me) said I should go ahead and do it. I for one, would certainly love to see what other teachers’ stationery buying expeditions are like.

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A Teacher’s Pet Peeves- outside the Classroom

petpeeve1_zps83e25cf8Any truly dedicated teacher (especially at school level) would agree that the teacher inside them is always lurking in the background like a shadow. This sometimes manifests in real life situations outside the classroom in what I would call “split teacher personality syndrome”. It’s a condition whereby a teacher let’s out the ‘inner teacher’s spirit’. Confused right? Well keep on reading-

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How to make your Child the Apple of his/her Teacher’s Eye

petIt’s not that we teachers discriminate, or give preference to one child over the other- a professional would never dream of doing that, but teachers have feelings too. I’ll have to admit, there are always a few kids that just make us smile when we think about them. I’m getting a few images in my mind right now. Again, I would never give preference to any child over the other. One of the most fundamental doctrines of teaching is to be fair and just. However, I believe that you parents can instill a sense of that something extra in your child’s teacher’s heart by encouraging them to follow these little tips (and no buttering her up is not one of them- that doesn’t work really).

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Sometimes Life Surprises you… with the Little Things- A Teacher’s Perspective

CapturedSitting in the car yesterday, I noticed the hustle and bustle of the city, people littering, traffic rules being blatantly broken, kids begging- the sheer ugliness of it. Everywhere I turned, all I could do was be judgmental. “I’ve become so cynical,” I thought.

Having recently gone through a devastating period in my life at the loss of my seven beautiful children, you would expect me to be cynical, hell I deserved to be! The world is full of betrayal and mistrust, full of misery and suffering, it’s all about superficial egoistical philosophies… I could go on and on here but I’ll spare you the grief. But you know what, when the horizon appears bleak, dark and dismal, when even the moonlight seems to be suppressed by the choking hand of what humanity has become, when even the tiny little stars say to themselves, “Why twinkle, there’s no hope for this bunch,” a shooting star appears, hurtling down from the heavens, a tiny beacon of hope burning bright behind it. I suppose I should be thankful that my ability to at least recognize said shooting star has not achieved its demise….yet, nor would I ever want it to. And so begin today’s tales of the mundane, the ordinary, the seemingly non-relevant, that rekindled my drowning faith in life.

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The Real Payback Teachers Get

38a763e6642f7e5416771b6f63f881a8I’ve always had a knack for teaching, have been doing it in one capacity or another ever since I was sixteen. Started professionally at eighteen and then came a long gap, the call of family. Even so I tutored (my own included of course). Though I can’t dispute that being compensated monetarily is a big plus (more so for those who need extra financial aid), it is not what drives us into this profession, or not truly dedicated and sincere teachers (of which there is a steady decline out there). No indeed. There is of course the bigger picture- service to your community, noble profession yata yata….. but being a teacher who loves her job, I would like to share what it is that makes us turn up for work one more day after being on your feet, talking, explaining, playing, understanding, making lesson plans, grading, running around only to realize you forgot the file on the other side of the school, even wiping tears on occasion.

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